Why shop fair?

Why care about fair fashion?

How bad is the situation in the garment industry?

Can I really make a difference?


5 reasons to shop fair!

You have the power

Power is where the money is and all (clothing) companies are after your money. This means that as a consumer you are very powerful: If you don’t like the way a company is doing business, you can shut down their money supply. Your choices make a difference!



You value human rights


How bad are the working conditions in the garment industry? Judge for yourself:




Blog of a garment worker in Bangladesh


You think long term


The fashion industry has a huge ecological footprint


Read more about pesticide poisoning in cotton farmers

...or see how the Aral lake turned into a desert because of cotton farming


Cheap clothing with a low durability, also called fast fashion, stimulates mass consumption and creates a gigantic amount of unnecessary carbon emissions


Fair fashion cares for the environment!









Forced labor

Child labor

Harsh repression of protests

Excessive overtime

No living wage

Safety hazards

Health issues

Reduce your footprint

second hand clothing

upcycling fashion

organic cotton


You want to stand out from the crowd


It may cost some effort to leave the aside the big chains in the main shopping street and to look for stores that sell fair and eco fashion. These efforts, however, often result in a more original, out-of-the-box look.


Did you ever wonder how the big brands try to win your heart? Watch the "Secrets of the superbrands" documentary (take your time, it's really lovely!)




You want to feel good


Believe it or not, but the very same piece of clothing can have an entirely different feel depending on it's origin.




An example: Imagine that someone tells you that the hat on the picture used to belong to a famous person





Next you hear that the owner of the hat was famous because he was a serial killer. How does this change your feeling towards the hat?


Becoming aware that your piece of clothing was produced in terrible working conditions can both consciously and unconsciously change the way you feel about it.



Fair fashion = feel good fashion!