What is fair?

Fair stores and online shops sell fair brands.

We consider a brand as fair if it fits into one or more of these categories:

1.    The brand receives an A-label on Rank a Brand

2.   The brand is a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and has received a good report.


3.   The brand uses certified fair trade fabrics (e.g., fair trade cotton).

4.   The brand has a strong eco policy, using organic cotton (with certification, such as GOTS) or less environmentally stressing materials such as recylced/upcycled materials.

5.   The brand is a small brand that can be considered fair/eco but did not obtain a certification nor is a member of FWF nor is ranked by Rank a Brand.

      Certifications and memberships can be expensive. If a small brand provides details on its suppliers and  has a different way of proving it is fair/eco, it is adopted on the site. For big multinational/multistore brands, the bar is higher. They should invest in one or more certifications or memberships (or receive an A-label on Rank a Brand) to appear on this site.

How can you recognize these brands?

Look for these logo's: