Why shop fair?

You  want to stand out from the crowd

It may cost some effort to  leave the aside the big  chains in the main shopping street and to look for stores that sell fair and eco fashion. These efforts, however, often result in a more  original, out-of-the-box look.

Did you ever wonder how the big brands try to win your heart?  Watch the "Secrets of the  superbrands"  documentary (take your time, it's  really lovely!)

You want to feel good

Believe it or not, but the very same piece of clothing  can have an entirely different feel depending on it's origin.


An example:  Imagine that someone tells you that the hat on the picture used to belong to a famous  person

Next you hear that  the owner of the hat was famous because he was a  serial killer.  How does this change your feeling towards the hat?

Becoming aware that your piece of clothing was  produced in  terrible working conditions  can  both consciously and unconsciously change the way you feel about it.

Fair fashion  =  feel good fashion!